Daily Update 3/27/15

Dad took me out to lunch today, where I got breakfast.  Diners are very accommodating for those with later sleep schedules.

I have discovered the joys of micellar water and isochronic tones – namely that I don’t have to wash my face twice to get all my makeup on, and I’m sleeping and studying better.  I just can’t listen to certain to certain frequencies or my heart starts to do the jitterbug.  You know you’ve been reading too much Supernatural when you dream you’re Castiel and Dean is praying at you to do your damn homework for the entirely of the dream.

Speaking of, this semester has me really conflicted.  I’m absolutely killing Film Critique, fav class in a long time, taught by a critic at the Plain Dealer and all around great guy.  He’s letting me do my term paper on Comic to Film Adaption!  I’ll post it when I’m done here, for kicks.  Latin 2 on the other hand est occidere me.

Dad has made the strong case for getting over myself and just starting Through the Broken Door and then sticking with it to the end.

Galatea Unshaven is still in process.  Galatea has a potty mouth not of my invention.  She was a fine piece of coral in her former before her dead husk was crushed, calcified, sedimented into limestone and finally metamorphosed into Colorado marble.  She remains a Boss.  Pyg’s defining characteristic is that he is a highly talented sculptor whose anxiety keeps him from achieving greatness, is not a creeper, and is just as, if not more freaked out by his statue’s sudden animation than the former coral herself.  Galatea is not a fan of the Animal Planet channel.

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