E is about to become an alchemist!

Today we will embark on the first step towards making our own DIY face serum for gals like me with mostly oily skin, sporadic acne, lifelong exposure to cats, and a portion of soul devoted to the consumption of dairy products.  This involves consulting the Google, figuring out what materials might be needed, and going to the market to count our money and cry at prices.  Y’know, serious research.

Today I am headed to CVS to pick up some clarifying shampoo, as my scalp is currently yuck.  I just figured out how to use styling products properly so I am actually using them, and that shit builds up.  Case in point, Nutmeg gave my head a little bath last night and made terrible faces for an hour afterwards.  No wonder my sister has so many different shampoos in the closet.  I only just came out of the actually-is-interested-in-beauty-stuff closet, and apparently it still needs stocking.

After that I’m headed to the Mustard Seed Market, an organic market that has better quality supplies than my usual supermarket standbys.  I tend to go here for my more finicky DIYs, last time was homemade deodorant that wasn’t nearly as effective as I wanted.

I have a whole list of ingredients, the majority of which I won’t be buying on account of my budget.  I already got argan oil, tangerine essential oil, maaaaybe tea tree but I doubt it, my aloe mighta expired.  I’m seriously considering tea tree oil if I don’t got it, and lemongrass, grapeseed oil, vitamin C powder too.  Other essential oils; carrot seed, geranium, ylang ylang, lavender.  And something called squaline which is apparently some kinda shark liver miracle oil that is thankfully also in olives.  Oh, and a dropper bottle that looks pretty.

Really all depends on how much this all costs – rest assured I am not shelling out dineros for all of the above, just what’s justifiably cheap.
Unsure if I will return with results in hand, but I will report back on my finds.  Prolly will hafta adapt several alchemic diy serum recipes, so it may be a few days before I shove out a recipe and a statistically inaccurate personal testimony.

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