Daily Update 4/4/15

We are deliberating over diy serum formulations, yes we are!  And perhaps making a serum for Ma too for her birthday, which is coming up on the 24th.  Also the term paper for my film critique class is coming along.

Why, last night I read The Killing Joke, Winter Solider: the Bitter March, and Captain America: Winter Soldier, in between watching ‘The Dark Knight’ in its glorious 2:40+ hour entirety.  The things I do for grades!

At this moment I am taking a break from applying academia to comics to agonize over ordering essential oils off PipingRock.  Frankincense is less than $5, grapefruit is dead cheap, and I am questioning the necessity of carrot seed oil.  As for rose oil, fuck it.  Blended is really the only way to go.  I’m not that into it.

Today we are also making the base for bittersweet chocolate souffles.  The cats were allowed on their first outside excursion of the year – it’s still cold, and didn’t last long.  Nutty is now sacked out on the loveset beside me.  She snores.

I have taken over easter basket duty, and have done so with a vengance.  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t expected to threaten my family members with dire consequences if they looked at the candy.  It’s supposed to be a surprise, people.

*Today we are also masterfully demonstrating the use of ‘we’ in the singular person.

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