The Mustard Seed Market has many things I could need, but not all of them are cheap

I have returned!  Stopped into B&BW next door first to sniff everything – I immediately remembered why I no longer shop there – they discontinue the good stuff, without fail.  Black Amethyst was my sister’s staple stink, Dreamy Vanilla Woods my bodysplash slouch around the house/go to class in a sports bra, t-shirt and jeans kinda scent.

It seems I didn’t have tea tree oil or aloe vera after all, so bully for me.  My God, the pricings for some of this stuff…  I got confused and then incredibly excited when I saw Frankincense oil at $25-something and another at $6.  And then incredibly sad when (naturally) that cheapo version was mostly jojoba carrier.  But I did come away with lemongrass essential oil ($4.59), lavender essential oil ($12.40), tea tree oil ($10.39 for 2oz), and a lovely 2oz blue glass bottle with a dropper (2.50).

I can justify these to myself, since the lemongrass oil was cheapish and nice smelling, there is always something you can use lavender oil for, I have so many plans for the tea tree oil (bug bites, sores, toner, that weird smell in my sink).  And the bottle was blue.

Technically I could probably make a serum from that, but I want to be thorough.

Everything else was pricey, however, and while I was conflicted and very tempted to buy something else, because I am an adult I’ll be holding off until I know whether spending online is smarter (price+shipping L).  There are just so many options… powdered vitamin C, carrotseed oil, rose essential oil that it seems half the web swears buy and which will also eat half your wallet…

The Google will tell me what to do!

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