Please Stop Badgering E About Her Paper, There’s A Game On

Frank, Frank my man, for every year I am older than you, you are a half foot taller than me.

Wisconsin is playing for the Big Ten Championship!  Let it be known that I have never lived in Wisconsin, nor have I gone to UW-Madison.  But I have visited Wisconsin at least once every year for my entire life.  And I have the best family.  The best.

My parents went there, met there.  My ‘Uncle’ Charlie was my dad’s roommate.  Clearly I have much to be grateful for when it comes to this university.

We like the Badgers like a LOT.

As you can imagine, I’m psyched.  We shall see if it is indeed possible to watch the last March Madness game AND write the first draft of my Film Critique term paper in the same time period.

Along those lines, last night I worked out a suitable model of analysis as well as a good way to arrange and categorize the movies/characters I’m analyzing.  This is what two weeks of binging on comics, comic movies and various related informational supplements results in; my kinda genius, where everything mashes together, a pattern emerges and from it I pluck inspiration and hopefully a winning grade.

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