More proof that the Carroll Review has impeccable taste

By which I mean that they continue to publish one of my submissions every time I send something in.

Yes, E is published once again.  The good prose review board has chosen to print Your Regularly Scheduled Invasion, Please Stand By in the Spring of 2015 edition of the John Carroll Review.

They also liked this picture, ‘Lapcat’.

Painted in Waterlogue

Tonight I taking Ma out to dinner.  Hoping for French, but Umami is good too.

I’m working on a new bit for Natives, titled ‘You can have my heart, but not for free’.

“No one told Darryl that getting a new heart would result in getting haunted by the teenage donor.  Taking Kyle to see movies and the Grand Canyon is all well and good until the previous owner of your heart develops a crush on your embarrassingly precocious daughter.”

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