E drank too much coffee

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I did not like coffee.  It smelled nice and all, but the taste…   Clearly it was only drunk for its caffeine.

Then I started drinking it for its caffeine, because tea wasn’t quite cutting it and I wasn’t ready to commit to supercaff tea (also; price).

And then I started liking coffee, and there’s really no turning back from that.

Now I drink espresso for taste, and don’t like the stuff with nuts in it, and don’t like those tasty additives because I should be tasting coffee, dammit.

I have to be careful about what time I drink decaf because espresso sounds like the perfect nightcap to me, and ‘decaf’ only means ‘less-caff’.  Ma got a tiny Nespresso machine for her birthday, I like it a lot.  I learned that drinking coffee too closely to my focalin doses is not a wise thing to do because it makes me go really fast.  Clearly, you can see how far I’ve fallen from my pedestal, but at least there’s affogato down here.

I think there should be no-caff coffee for those people who should drink less coffee.

In other news, I really need to make more chicken bouillon squares, and I was eating chocolate ice cream from the container as I wrote this up.  Let it be said that E is a woman-thing of high class.

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