Onion Soup: day one

Today I’m going to the store to get the fixings for french onion soup.  I’m making browned beef stock from scratch!  Which means I get to roast the bones in the oven first, lucky lucky me.  I will need to buy approximately a metric fuckton of onions – but a pound less than several other recipes thanks to the beautiful streamlining that Deb from Smitten Kitchen has done.

I really am looking forward to this recipe, which includes white vermouth and cognac (or brandy).  And no tomato paste, thank god.

The ciabatta is drying in the pantry, since I firmly believe that it is a superior soup bread once toasted.  Baguettes turn to mush so easy…

I may or may not have the strength to make the soup tonight.  Probably just going to prep for tomorrow.  Maybe.

Right now 6 lbs of bones are roasting in the oven; soup bones, marrow bones and oxtails.  There’s also ginger syrup cooking.  It all smells UHmazing.

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