pork and apple go together like um and yum

Apple juice and cold crispy bacon.

It’s almost as sophisticated as pork chops and grilled apple rings.

All that’s missing here is the grocery-store shelved brandy.  Paul Masson, amIright?  Of course I am.  I’ve never lived in Wisconsin but Dad says this is a lie.  They consume more brandy there than in any other state, so I suppose he has a point.

Anyways these two foodstuffs do well when introduced to each other and play nicely.  When it’s 4 in the morning, you’ve got the munchies, and they’re just there in the fridge looking up at you, there really is nothing else you can do but grab a glass of juice and a fistful of bacon.

Damn.  I think I got a little grease on my keyboard.

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