E is a good daughter and makes presents

Today my mother is older.  This is of course something that happens every second, but today she hits the big Now A Year Older Than Last Year milestone.

To celebrate this special occasion I made a facial oil/serum for her.  She’s the special type of person who will express an interest in something, seem attentive and genuinely appreciative of your advice, take the item or advice, say they’re going to use/do it.  And resist actually doing it.

However, Ma has complained to me about getting older.  I’ve hitched her up with a color-protecting shampoo now that she’s fighting the grey.  I think she is using that.  I have yet to get her to wear sunscreen on a regular basis – sunscreen is for no sun damage or cancer, bronzer is for color.  She has olive-toned skin, I don’t understand why she’s so concerned about being pale.  I’m so fair you could henna on some freckles and they’d look right at home.  And the gentle cleansers!  And not using the scrubby sponge that kills your face!

I swear to God someday I will hook her up with some basic but nice anti-aging eye cream and serum with retinol and all will be right with the world.  Do you think I could contact Birchbox and say: hey, stop sending me shaving products.  I dry shave with baby powder – this advertising is useless.  But hey, I gotta recalcitrant mom in need of a decent anti-aging product, why don’t you throw some my way, huh?  Just don’t forget I’m 26.  So skin products for 26 and 50+.  Whoopee.

So – good, cheap daughter that I am, I made Ma a DIY facial serum using oils and a gorgeous $2 blue glass dropper bottle.  Like the good, conscientious daughter that I also am, I’ve been testing it on myself to make sure it works alright.

Assessment: Win.

Ma’s got skin that’s sensitive, aging and oily, so I did a hoopla of research and while it feels great on my skin, I really hope it feels great for her.  Especially since she hasn’t put oil on her face.

This serum contains argan oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, rose blend oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, frankincense oil, carrotseed oil.

The result smells floral and slightly herbal-medicinal, and makes my face feel satiny and less oily.

E’s Rosy-Faced Serum

6 tsp argan oil

1 tsp grapeseed oil

1/2 tsp rosehip oil

20 drops rose blend oil (carried in sweet almond oil)

10 drops lavender oil

6 drops tea tree oil

2 drops frankincense oil

2 drops carrot seed oil

To make, add in the grapeseed and rosehip oils, 2 tsp of the argan.  Add in essential oils.  Top off with the last 4 tsp of argan oil.  Close bottle tightly, shake.

To use, rub two drops in your hands – including palms.  Pat the oil onto your face, trying not to get too much oil on your t-zone, and getting your jaw, temples, upper lip and around the nostrils.  You can apply a smear more to your eyes if you want – I like to rub some oil off the side of the dropper.

And the results are in: she loved the smell and feel of it as soon as she rubbed some on her hands and face.  As for how well it works on her skin, only time will tell.  But I am well pleased with my first alchemic creation.

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