E is geared up for family events that involve gifts

My sister is coming home at any minute!  We share a bathroom, so in order to fend off most complaints, I have dust-bustered the floors and counters, cleaned the mirrors and counters, and cleared off any dye stains from the tile.  I’ve cleared half the space in the shower, counter, and drawers.  I’ve made sure there are fresh towels, and checked her room for cat vomit.  I do this because I love her too.

I have also consumed a glass of a really excellent Riesling.

If this has compromised my writing, please forgive me.  I am a lightweight and my limit is about half a glass.  I drink just enough to be loose and not enough to become illiterate.  For me that is a fate worse than death.

Looks like I have most of my presents squared away for the summer.  I missed my brother and sister’s birthdays in March and April.  For Mother’s Day, I’m giving Mom a facial and cooking food.  At this point only yellow cake and dark chocolate sorbet is planned, but there is grilling in Dad’s future.  This sounds ambitious.  If you have an ice cream maker and a sufficient quantity of chocolate, it’s not.

I’m offering a facial to Bean too.  She’s more of a beauty connoisseur, so I’ll customize it with her.  I have sodium bentonite clay, rose-water, lots of tea bags, tea tree oil, honey, greek yogurt, vinegars, various oils, a library of essential oils, and Moroccan rose absolute waiting for me at the post office.  I’m sure we can work something out.

For my brother I’m offering to cook a cake/dessert and dinner of his choice sometime this summer, as long as it’s in my repertoire.

For Father’s Day / Dad Birthday, I need to find him a great book from Dzanc, the publishing company I work for.

Sounds about right, hmm?

Oh – she’s here!

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