the early Birchbox got to E first

My Birchbox came early.  What a thing!  I typically get mine on the 14th, and here it was, sitting pretty in my mailbox on the 8th

I said I liked the pretty boxes, yeah?  Now I have another home for flashcards.

Now typically I’ll see maybe one or two products I might like.  Not this month.  This time ’round I only see one loser – stop sending me non-brown eyeliner, Bbox – I don’t know how to swing that stuff.

  • Living Proof shampoo, conditioner, hair masque – promising.  I would typically expect like one little pouch of shampoo or something, but here I got the whole spectrum.
  • This hydrating gel with vitamin C that sounds like a serum and could be good….
  • Navy eyeliner that’s prolly useless to me.  Give me brown eyeliner or give me something else.
  • 3-minute peel, I like peels.
  • BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL!  Teeny sample but I am pleased.  This is a cult beauty item, and I would like to verify this claim for myself.

As usual, I will do an actual review at the end of the month once I’ve had the chance to put the products through their paces.  Unless something smells.  Then I write a scathingly bland review for points and chuck it into the bin.

But all in all, a good haul.  E has had both wine and espresso tonight, and needs to go to bed before she breaks into limericks or modified verse.

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