South Carolina Dreamin’ (E is on vacation)

I said there would be some kind of hiatus.  I lied.  I’m in South Carolina and this place is far too pretty for me to keep radio silence.  Not sorry!

The folks have rented out a large beach house on the Isle of Palms, where the traffic sucks, the ocean is warm, and nesting sea turtles are not to be disturbed on pain of 30 days in jail.  If you feel like I’m channeling Welcome to Night Vale, you’d be right.

I have big plans for this place.  There will be much reading on the beach, some swimming, cooking, and visits to Fort Sumter, Magnolia Plantation, and Charleston itself.  Yes, E is a tourist.

I need to see this thing like burning.

I will be avoiding seafood, because neither of us are friends.

(Also; driving through West Virginia is glorious but perilously terrifying for those in the cliff side passenger seats.)

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