With your products combined, I am… (Captain Combo Condish)

You’ve got conditioners you like.  They work for you.  It’s great.  But you want a perfect all in one that won’t break the bank.  Don’t buy… combine!

When I went on vacation to Charleston this month, I allowed space for one bottle of conditioner.  At home I’ve got a daily color-safe conditioner, a weekly color preserving conditioner, a hair repair mask, and a twice weekly color-depositing conditioner (in red).  This routine works pretty great considering I wash every other day in the summer (every three in winter) and I have to alternate these amongst the 3.5 hair washings every week.

I read those articles about how the salonists combine products for perfect results on target.  Granted, its combos like shine spray and curl cream, or mousse and hair oil that stinks good, but the logic carries.   Why the hell not.

Bolstered by this research, I made my own travel size batch of daily conditioner on the spot.  Using a three ounce travel bottle from a CVS travel pack, I squirted in a dot of John Frieda full repair deep conditioner, a big ol’ blurt of John Frieda intense after color conditioner, a good layer of Aveda madder root color conditioner, and then Redken Color Extend to the top.  Screw on the cap, make sure the lid is shut, and shake like a vinaigrette.

Unpack? Me? Naaaaah.
Mine ended up coral colored… Pretty.

I work this into the length of my hair, and apply very lightly to my roots (color deposit, see).  Then I comb through with a wide toothed plastic comb.

Worked like a dream.  I’m going to keep using this mix in normal life, see if itworks better for me than the slew of separates.  Doesn’t stain like straight up color-depositor does either, so there’s another point in favor of its convenience.

This is likely of greatest value when you have multiple periodic treatments that you apply regularly.  Especially color depositing!  My madder root conditioner, while it smells Aveda awesome, stains and lays on a little too much red right after I use it.  It is a true red, where my color is more akin of highly saturated new penny.  Thinning it into a daily gives me a milder yet more constant color deposit.

By the way, the smell of my particular blend of ‘Captain Combo Condish’ is fantastic.  Not weird at all.

What do you think, owners of legion conditioners?  I think this could be a worthy experiment.

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