E crawls out of her cave (updates and amazingly ambitious plans concerning foodstuffs)

I know that I’ve been off the blog for a long while, but I plead Latin.  That’s right, I am done with my language requirements for my degree, and I got out with a respectable grade, which I did not see coming!

That achievement said, after I came back from Charleston (the details of which I will write now I’ve the time), I turned into a Latinated slug, more or less becoming one with textbooks, flashcards, my couch and my desk.  On occasion I went across the room to sleep in my bed, and descended to the first floor to prepare food and reassure the folks and cats that I was still breathing.  I took my exam two days ago and I am in no way kidding when I say it was the first time I left the property in over a week.

But I am here with you now!  And I have posts to write.  Next post will probably be about Charleston, which was amazing, so many things to say that I got balled up on it and chose to study for the rest of the month instead.  Too big a post to tackle with an exam looming.

It appears there is no website called Eggwash.com.  This is a travesty.  I think this would be an awesome site for something bakery related.  And so catchy.

Father’s Day is coming up!  And soon!  Yes, I have plans for Dad, oh boy.  Every Father’s Day we make him grill something so we can all enjoy his mastery and he can bask in our praise.  Of course since he and Ma will be gone in Michigan until late Sunday night, this Dad’s Day will be celebrated on Monday.  I’m going to Miles Farm Market for amazing house-made beer brats (organic intestine casings ftw, y’all) and german barrel sauerkraut.  There will be Spotted Cow beer dragged out of the basement fridge.  And cake.

Yes, cake.

There really aren’t enough holidays based in summer.  Like, Father’s Day, 4th of July, and Memorial Day (kinda).  Spring has Mother’s Day, and Easter – the big one.  Also Lent, which means going all out on the fish and me trying to give up mental health backsliding and skipping my meditation.

Autumn is my season, when the fall fruits come due, and you only need a light jacket and the smell of turning leaves is everywhere.  Many holidays.  There’s MY BIRTHDAY, Halloween, the Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, also Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur because there’s a large Jewish population in my area.  Suddenly my favorite foods come into season – roast meats, hearty soups, gingerbread snacking cake, and offensively perfect turkey.  No seriously, I make a Judy Bird once and I am now the turkey maker for the rest of time.

Winter is similar to fall when it comes to foodstuffs.  The Annual Raab Family Wisconsin Pilgrimage cometh.  We do not fear the sugar.

Fortunately summer is that special time of year where every weekend is a holiday, dammit.

I’ve come around to the idea that a bunch of simple components combined can be just as impressive as one complicated thing.  It’s all about plating, harmonious flavors, and in the case of this dessert, the option to customize each slice for every partaker.

This cake comes with three possible toppings, all of which are awesome, together and apart.  The cake is amazing on its own as well.  So plating is done with an audience – hopefully I appear impressive in action.  Ma wants no strawberries, Dad must go last because he will eat all of the blueberries, Bud has cut himself a large slice already and sampled a sauce, and Beanie can have none of it because she is both lactose and fructose intolerant (fortunately she’ll be in Columbus when I make cake she can’t eat).

Let me introduce to you: ‘Red, Gold and Blueberry Summer Cake’, a glorious frankencake put together from parts of different recipes – yellow cake, Greek yogurt whipped cream, popped blueberry topping, and strawberry sauce.

I’ve only made the strawberry sauce so far, but I have made the yellow cake, which is amazing.   I’m not hooking you up with recipes yet.  Once it’s all made, I’ll post with pics, links and any tinkering I did.

I will say this – there is brown sugar and brandy in the strawberry sauce that the recipe did not ask for.  I have no idea if it was an improvement, but it tastes great.

I plan to streak the plate with strawberry sauce, then place the cake slice down.  I’ll smear a dollop of Greek yogurt whipped cream over the cake, top it with the popped blueberry sauce, and drizzle a few thin ribbons of strawberry sauce over top.  Sound good?  I hope so.

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