E has had it with someone

I think I need to limit my in-person contacts with most of the world.  Why do people allow themselves to put so much energy and emotion into not getting the result they want?

I want this, I want that, I want I want I want.

It would’ve happened already if you had actually asked me nicely.

I was just about ready to post a nice piece about cake .  I am eating a piece of this cake right now.  It’s not helping.  This is not my typical quirky fun post.  I am not happy right now.  I should be allowed to turn the lights on long enough to walk down the stairs in my own home.  Apparently I am required to use a flashlight.

It’s my last meal of the night around 2am.  This is known.  I’m not sure what would have caused more yelling, me leaving the lights on and carrying my apple slices, cake, extra toilet paper and really tea up in one go, or carrying it piece by piece up the stairs in the dark with my iPhone in one hand?  Yelling.

There has been a massive attitude change over the weekend away.  I know tired equals cranky, but it has been perfectly fine for me to make pasta at the same time every time before.  Guess what: I wasn’t even microwaving anything.  I just wanted to get stuff out of the fridge and make my tea and go back to my room.  It would have taken two minutes that you spent getting pissed.  How much faster would things have gone if you had asked me to be quick and quiet, and then closed the door and faced away from the light?  How much faster would you have gotten back to sleep?

To top it all off, I just talked to Brain Doctor no. 1 about this today.   It’s been happening for my entire life.  I’m 26 years old.  I’m still not sturdy enough to strike out on my own. I’m doing my best.  It’s bullshit.

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