E will never be Popeye

Pretty much the only way I can tolerate spinach is in a fruit yogurt shake.  This has resulted in me always putting spinach in my shakes.  Every one of them is tinged an unappealing green.  This is how I get in my dark leafy greens when I don’t have the patience for cooking kale.

Just so you understand what I mean by fruit yogurt shake – there is always fruit, yogurt, and spinach.   The extra additions tend to be anything reasonable in the pantry or fridge.  Whey protein powder dissolved in Lactaid, grated carrots, frozen banana, pudding, frosting, lettuce, goat cheese, papaya, granola, cinnamon, various juices, all berries, and a lemon, once.  All things I have used some time or other.  I made a bacon spinach apple blueberry that wasn’t bad.

If the combination doesn’t work for me, I’ve found that I can usually fix it with a judicious application of espresso or chocolate syrup.

Bung it all into the blender, liquefy!  Pour into a nonic pint glass, meant for beer, but also excellent for shakes.  Big straw, please.

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