Headline shocks the nation: college-age younger brother comes up to eat with sister with little prompting

I said I was going to make a chicken dinner.  Actually, Bud’s been pretty pleased about the whole thing, so I really am just making a big deal out of it.  Yesterday he asked me when dinner was.  All hopeful – like maybe it was tonight and not tomorrow.  If this is the result then I’ve done what I set out to do.

Nothing makes us feel more like big spankin’ adults than eating a nice dinner at the kitchen table in a big empty house devoid of the folks that by our efforts has not only has continued to be clean, but also more or less free of cat puke.  I made the Zuni chicken and cornbread muffins.  We ate salad from a bag and dripped bottled dressing on our portions.  We drank wine from little bottles, which are perfect for portion control and I have one by me now.

roasting pan and muffins
roasting pan and muffins


So dinner was a success.  I’ve been wandering around with half my brain on today, so you only get a photo of a leftover breast instead of the entire gloriously browned carcass sizzling in the roasting pan.

Of course what’s awesome about making Zuni chicken is not just the delicious meat, but also that once you’ve stripped the bones, the skeleton, skin and ligaments are still deliciously seasoned and just right for soup.  I bung all the left over bits into a stock pot with some celery and a fistful of carrots.  There’s so much seasoning on the bird that salt or herbs are unnecessary.

Just add water

On a more serious note, I need to figure out how to start eating on a regular basis again, and enough.  My appetite has been incredibly lacking lately, to the point where I forget to notice that I am hungry.  I’m fuzzy-headed, tired through the day, and still… not that hungry.  Can I also mention that I’ve been on meds to increase appetite and it wasn’t that great.

Other things I need to do: make a new batch of my weird sea salt spray (that seems to also work as a leave-in conditioner), more face oil, and start planning out a diy perfume that features ylang ylang.

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