Beautifying and the Cat

Nutmeg, feline master of timing that she is, decided that tonight is love night.  This means rolling around on the floor, bringing me her happymeal soccer dolly, chirping and trilling at me to make sure I’m paying attention to her, lapcat time, and of course, head smashes.

I’d decided to pamper myself and take a break from my depression symptoms for the night.  That meant the whole kaboodle; making myself a new, fancier sea salt styling spray, a long shower, taking the time to shave well, and drying my hair in curling knots.  All followed by a really thorough skin care routine.  Happy Fourth of July to me indeed!

So I did the mini peel and slathered on a clay mask, I’m relaxing on the couching reading on my phone, when Miss Nutmeg pops up on my lap to give me some love.   She goes right for the headbutt… And gets bentonite clay mud all over the top of her head!

I just washed clay off my well-behaved cat in the middle of the night.

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