the morning selfie challenge – prove you’re awake

I am not a waker-upper.  I require at least four alarms, one of which should be across the room.  I’ve set my bed up to be too comfortable.  My sleep cycle naturally migrates later and later.  I have depression, my motivation is low, and my need is great.

Something’s gotta change.

Thus, I’ve decided to find a way to get motivated to wake up on time, and stay up.  By taking a selfie of myself as soon as I get out of bed, every morning.  Beautiful thing about smart phones is that they record where and when a photo is taken, so there’s no lying going on, just some perfect photographic proof that that shit happened.

I’m calling it the morning selfie challenge, and today was my first day.  Don’t I look pretty?

I’m also gonna go take a daily walk outside to get energized.  Still, nature is not always kind to us, so if there’s inclement weather like this


30 minutes of active yoga will suffice.

Ideally I’ll find a good puzzle alarm clock app too…

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