Real Life Natural Box-Dyed Redhead (E has converted to Ulta)

I am the most fake redhead to have ever faked.  My new hair stylist thinks it’s natural.  My next door neighbor think I went natural and was faking blonde for the last nine years since I moved in.  This while I was taking a walk with my legs incredibly unshaven.  Somebody thought my tiny arm moles were freckles.

I guess it looks right with my complexion?  My eyes?  I went for a natural looking color in a good yet reasonably priced box – I must have done something right…

I got my hair cut at Ulta on Wednesday, and never ever going back to my old salon.  So much cheaper, for one.  I got the same haircut, same quality, with a stylist who is far more willing to experiment with me.  Is it weird that I like the way the Ulta blowout hangs?  Dunno.  My old place was going for that zen, spa-like atmosphere.   Ulta’s got a far trendier atmosphere.  Just confident, busier, and more energizing.

Now I finally get why it’s so much fun to gossip with your hairdresser – I kvetched with Angelique about why is it that men always seem to prefer longer hair on women, even when it’s so long it hangs heavy and lifeless.  Before we started, she asked all about my hair, what products I used, what products I had problems with, what I did with it…  She asked what kind of short, what kind of bob, the vibe I wanted it to give.

My beauty style can be described as follows: a natural, classy mess.  Angelique finds this hilarious.

She knew I wanted texture over polish.  More importantly, she was selling her services and not the store products.  As she snipped at my ends, arranging clips just so, we conversed about DIY disasters and triumphs, and why money is dangerous because you end up spending it.

There’s a whole debate about Sephora versus Ulta, but I’m gonna stick with Ulta.  The closest Sephora in my area is in a big shopping mall 30+min away, and the service there is poor.  Ulta is just ten minutes away, and my local store has great customer service.  Plus, Ulta has a more varied price range and I’m cheap.

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