downsides to DIY masking

Yes it is cheaper, but when you screw up a DIY, there’s no refund.

  • My father is allergic to bananas.  I am not.  For some reason my skin is.
  • I always eat all of the papaya I buy for my enzyme masks.  Always.  Delicious.
  • How do you get the lumps out of clay masks?????
  • Mistaking lemongrass essential oil for tea tree.  THE BURNING.
  • Feeling really clever about making a matcha tea tree mask with bentonite clay and rosewater.  And then that matcha – pricey green tea powder that it is – is wasted because of the lemongrass.
  • Soothing that burny face with a honey greek yogurt mask, then noticing a massive clump of cat fur between the carpet and the wall.  Have the little monsters been ripping each other’s fur out again in one of those playfully overaggressive tussles?  Then peering through held up glasses and realizing that the myopic fur clump is actually a big, leggy house centipede about the length of my hand.  I grab a flip flop for maximum smashage, then turn on the lights.  Naturally the beast peels right towards me and straight into my room.  My cat does not want to eat it.

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