no cake till Brooklyn!

I’ve been a bad blogger.  First there was the massive dumpage of me finishing all the manuscripts in the publishing world ever for the end of my internship.  Then me making a major motivational break through and really hitting the CBT hard with my therapist (who is delighted).  My brother’s cat may have brought beg bugs into my bed – despite the fact that he knows he’s not allowed up there.  Then that thing started up again.  You know, school?

In the long time that I’ve been silent on Litglut, I’ve tried a lot of beauty stuff and gotten hooked on a number of ’em.  Started subscribing to some of the Korean beauty trend, if only because you can get some amazing reasonably priced products offa Amazon.  I’m double-cleansing every night, I reeeeeally like sheet masks.  Hyaluronic gel-moisturizers are my bae.  I’m using a drugstore mineral foundation now, super minimal makeup, and a touch of contouring on my nose and cheek hollows with eyeshadow.

I’m leaning towards more floral perfumes now, and I basically don’t stick to a side when I part my hair.  The part places are also far closer to the side of my head too!

But more importantly on the beauty front, my cousin and his lovely fiancee are getting married in Brooklyn NY this Sunday, and I wanted to look nice.  The last time they saw me I had just dyed my hair copper, and still losing the Clozapine weight.  Well, I’ve lost the weight, and my hair’s chin length, my skin’s better, and so’s my brain.  So I’m feelin confident and looking forward to seeing everyone.  And fitting into my black skirt again…


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