Please don’t call me sexy

Because that means I make you think of sex, and that’s not something I’m usually into.  So please, don’t call me sexy.

I’m fine with you finding me attractive, or appealing, or well-formed.  My features are pleasingly symmetrical, my hips are wide and my breasts prow-like.  Sex is not something I want much, there will be no babies.

By all means, I welcome you to get to know me so long as there’s no expectations of sex or dating.  I’m wonderful to know so long as you’re trying to know me.

So please, don’t call me sexy.  It’s not a compliment for me.

Call me vivacious, call me sassy, snarky and brilliant.  Call me beloved and flawed, call me friend and homie.  Call me Sleeping Booty, or pastry fiend, cat whisperer or the Tiny Tank.

Call me ridiculous, hell – attractive, appealing, gorgeous, beautiful, a work of art that doesn’t belong on a pedestal.

Just don’t call me sexy.


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