makeup in Birchbox, apply in car

I know that it’s been a while.  Let’s just say that I’ve been going to my doctor to figure out my inexplicable and constant tiredness.  And I’m back in school, and leave it at that.

Not much new with me beauty wise.  Things are holding out pretty steady.  Next planned post is to do my Birchbox greats and hates reviews of the boxes I’ve gotten thus far.  Expect emotions.

Speaaaaaking of Birchbox, I’ve been hauling my beauty stuff in an empty Birchbox and putting my face on in the car.  It’s actually better than in my house sometimes.  My bathroom has yellowish lighting and no windows.  The car on the other hand has natural light during the day, and a decent sized mirror right in my face!  This is a huge benefit for a glasses wearing girl who needs to bend waaaay over the counter to see if the eyeliner is okay.  I just need to be careful of the steering wheel and my elbows when putting stuff on.

Don’t I look pretty?  All applied in car except for skin and lip prep.

Skin prepped with SkinFood Sake Pore Serum.

I have had terrible, terrible trouble with breakouts lately, so this is where most of the elbow work went.  I cancelled out the angry red blemishes with Smashbox green primer, and then concealed the blemishes with Aveda concealer in No. 2 Balsa using a little brush.

I use a SOHO oval sponge to apply my BB cream (Maybelline Dream Pure in light sheer).

I have very fair skin and red hair, so bronzing is right out.  I add a healthy flush by sweeping cream blush (Maybelline Dream Bouncy in Peach Satin) across my cheekbones from under my pupil up to my temples.  Then a light swipe across the bridge of the nose too.   Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion in #2 baby pink clam is a great highlighter for me because it has pinky gold tones that blend into my blush very well.

Eyes – SkinFood salmon dark circle concealer cream patted onto under eyes.  Tightlined upper lashes w rimmel scandaleyes waterproof kohl in brown, smudged up onto lid.  Almay liquid eyeshadow+primer for green eyes applied to above crease & to highlight browbone.

Lips – prepped with a good toothbrushing and warm water exfoliation followed by Eos lip balm, Jouer conditioning lip treatment (balm gloss) sample from Birchbox right before I leave.

Absolutely nothing happened to my eyebrows.  They do that.


Since I’m already hauling a Bbox around, I figured I would spiff it up.  There are some really cute ideas out there for how to repurpose your boxes, but I couldn’t find anyone with an example of turning their box into a traveling makeup case.

So I will.

Shouldn’t be hard.  I just need to fix a good sized mirror on the inside of the lid, and find some cute fasteners to keep things in the box.

My plan is smart, for I can fit my entire makeup face in a box!

These are the products and brushes I used to do my face in the photos above.  Not bad, eh?

Now I just need to pick which pretty box to repurpose…






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