It’s been a long, long time

Okay guys!  The terrible bipolar fog has cleared for now and I can once again string more than four written sentences together in some semblance of coherence!

So many things.  But on the beauty side of things I have made a ton of changes that have really cleared up my skin.  Not to mention a better makeup routine…

  • I now drink a glass of water first thing in the morning with my meds, and keep two big glasses on my nightstand so sleepiness doesn’t keep me from hydrating in the night.
  • I stopped using most of my skin products – the serums that didn’t do much of what they claimed – and focused on simple products with very few ingredients, diy being ideal.
  • No more CeraVe, I now make my own goat’s milk face cleanser.
  • No more store toners, not even witch hazel – just rose water with a few drops of rosemary eo in a mist bottle.
  • Rosehip oil on my face.  Rosehip oil on top of my moisturizer.  Rosehip oil, the ultimate negotiator with my slow-healing post-acne fallout.
  • Sleeping pack mask on any parts that are dry, even during the day and wearing my glasses.  (Applying with a soft brush makes this a non-issue.)
  • Taking super hot baths with my own bath salts.  I’m talking so hot I can only just stand it, stick your leg in for a minute and it goes red.  Hot enough that you don’t need to add more hot water, it steams for the entire 40 minutes you soak.  So much that you get a steam facial surpassing the bowl trick for the entire duration of your bath.  So hot you bring two glasses of ice water (or iced tea) and finish them too, then go get more water and a snack after the tub’s drained because that’s how much sweat came out without you realizing.
    • Srsly, so, so great.  Put the ancient Kindle Keyboard in a ziplock bag, light a peppermint candle and get the filth off in the shower before you soak.
  • I also sleep now.

On the makeup end, I’ve stopped trying to contour and went for ‘strobing’ because I’m much better at figuring out how to emphasize where the light hits than to create extra shadow.

  • The mineral foundation, I set concealer with it too.
  • Cream blush is best blended in with fingers.
  • A red lip only works for me if my hair is done up in a romantic style.
My Grandfather said I was made for the 1940s.  Oops.
  • Eyeliner only on the top lashline, apparently.
  • I’ve stopped trying to conceal the dark circles under my eyes.  I still have no idea how to not make them look worse than before.
  • Apparently everything looks so much better when you blend it all out with fluffy brushes.

Anyways I am still pretty and alive.  Hope you all had good holidays.



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